Phil Caton

Phil Caton

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Breaking the Band: The Beatles

The documentary explores the internal conflicts and psychological dynamics of the worlds most successful band examining the series of events that led to their break up.

The Wives Did It

Docudrama set against the compelling backdrop of polygamous families and the jealousy, deception and fear that lead to murder

Killer Instinct

Emmy-award winning investigative reporter Chris Hansen examines some of America’s most horrific murders.

Web of Lies

Docudrama that reveals stories of deception and murder triggered by online interactions. In the online world, you never really know who you’re talking to

Did He Do It?

Docudrama that puts the accused centre stage as viewers are invited to play jury as piece-by-piece the evidence is revealed.

Left for Dead by the Yorkshire Ripper

Docudrama about the shocking story of Peter Sutcliffe, dubbed the “Yorkshire Ripper”, told by the survivors who were attacked but who lived to tell the tale.

Handsome Devils

Docudrama about notorious American lady-killers and how they charmed women before killing them in cold blood.