Phil Caton

Phil Caton

Homestead Rescue

In the last decade, two million Americans have attempted to leave behind civilization in favor of life off-the-grid – but most have failed.  As new homesteaders learn the hard way, surviving in the wild is perilous. Even the most resourceful and determined families often succumb to their first winter, monsoon or drought season. Many families are not equipped with the skills, experience or knowledge of how to grow food, find water, harness power or deal with the threat of predators. For these struggling homesteaders, the Raney family brings hope and a second chance.Veteran homesteader, Marty Raney along with two of his children try to teach them the essential skills needed to survive in the wilderness. Each family faces the ultimate decision: will they tough out their first year or pack up and return to civilization?

Raw for Discovery

Series Editor: Keeley Van Dyke

8 x 60 minute